Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Have You Made Your Reservation?

     Vacation planning time is upon us!  Whether you like the process or not, now is the time to put on your travel agent hats and get ready to hit the road. Yesterday, push came to shove and I was forced to make reservations for a trip to Pennsylvania with my husband.  The trip has been looming on the horizon since last June when my mother passed away. Being in California, my siblings and I agreed it best to have a memorial service here and then fly mom's ashes to PA later for burial in the family plot. "Later" kept getting pushed back until a more convenient time for everyone involved.  Before we knew it almost a year had passed. We finally agreed on a date so it was time to get moving with travel plans.
       Sitting down at the computer trying to navigate the myriad of travel and lodging options in cyberspace is not the way I like to spend my time. Planning on a tight budget and working with user-unfriendly websites adds to my dismay. It took several hours of research, planning schedules, calculating costs, sorting out conflicts and trying not to end up with a major headache.  I know now I could never be a real travel agent! Needless to say after all my thinking and pondering and hemming and hawing I finally ended up with an intinerary that is focused and finalized. The loose ends are tied up. The agony of deciding is over. 
     This morning when I sat down to have a cup of tea it felt so good to know that there is a charming room at a turn of the century inn with our name on it and that when we get to the airport there will be two seats especially waiting just for us on the airplane (all probability of earthly glitches considered!).  The thought of driving through the lush, green Pennsylvania Dutch countryside, reuniting with distant relatives, and honoring our mother's wishes to return to her homeland for her final resting place gave me a sense of peace and satisfaction.
     It occurred to me that the anticipation and joy I have about my pending trip are similar to the way I feel about my future in eternity.  On a day and time that God has already appointed I will depart this body and this earth and arrive at the most wonderful of all destinations, heaven.  The bible speaks of all the amazing things I will experience there; a city where everything is made of pure gold and adorned with precious gems (Revelations 21:18-21), where all things will be in a perpetual state of "newness" (Rev. 21:5), where hearts are not broken, there is no disease or injury, our bodies will nevermore get old or wear out(Rev.21:4), and where darkness is non-existent, illumination will pour forth from the glory of God's presence (Rev.21:23). You think some of the places you've stayed in have been amazing? The bible tells of custom-built mansions in heaven for each of those who believe (John 14:2). 
     Jesus Christ made a way for each and every one of us to enjoy eternity in His heavenly kingdom. Through His death and resurrection on the cross at Calvary He built an eternal bridge for us from death into life. He paved a way for us to have lives of purpose and the hope of a future in His presence.  All we need do is make a decision to cross that bridge. He entreats us to "...Come! And let him who thirsts come, whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely."(Rev.22:17).   When we open our hearts to let Jesus reveal Himself to us we open the door to a new path in life now and essentially "reserve" a place in His eternal home.  If you've been confused about the various options that different religions have promised I encourage you to open up the Holy Bible and read it and ask God to reveal truth to you.  In order to embark on a journey we have to first make a decision that we are willing to go.  A journey through this life with Jesus is incredible indeed and a future in eternity with Him will be glorious.  Are you ready to make a reservation yet?

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